Ideas About Buttock Implants Surgery

Ideas About Buttock Implants Surgery

Buttock implants or butt augmentation is just a similar procedure with breast augmentation except on the area that the procedure will be applied. The actual implants themselves are also completely different. This kind of procedure is very popular today. It is considered a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure and is not used for plastic or reconstructive purposes.

The Basics Of Buttock Implants

Ideas About Buttock Implants SurgeryThe demand for buttock augmentation procedure using implants has seen on an increasing demand in recent year. According to the estimates of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of butt augmentation procedures jumped by 37.3% and 24.6%. Despite the risks and complications that it may cause usually do not cover the cost of the procedure many people still want to try this procedure hoping that it will make them feel good and more confident about their selves.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your buttocks and you want to shape it and make it fuller, then this procedure is best for you. By undergoing the procedure, a skilled plastic surgeon can definitely help you attain the curvaceous body shape that you ever wanted.

Buttock implants are solid silicone pouches that are traditionally placed under the fats and skin of the butt muscles through a small incision. Butt implants are now available in different shapes and sizes including oval, round, and the tear drop shaped butt implant. All kinds of butt implants usually consist of a silicone shell filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel. Since it is made of solid silicon they cannot leak and rupture any fluid into the body. The result is almost guaranteed and you can even decide on the shape of your butt.

What To Expect With The Procedure?

Ideas About Buttock Implants SurgeryThe surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is not simple and it is very important that you find a good and experienced surgeon. During the procedure, the following steps may be made:

• The surgeon first makes an incision with a size of over two to three inches.

• This incision can be place at the point where the butt meets the top of the thigh or either towards the top on both sides of the upper buttock.

• The surgeon will then create a pocket and the solid silicone implant is inserted into this newly created pocket through the incision.

The procedure takes at least two hours to finish and the patient can go home within an hour after the surgery. It takes about three to six months time for the buttock implants to settle into their normal position. Pain killers will be prescribed and the patient will be advised to wear a surgical garment for about 2 to 3 weeks following the surgery. A scar will generally appear as a result of the incision made but it will gradually become less visible after a couple of weeks to months. Swelling of the treated area is expected after the procedure and may last for up to 3 months. Recovery may be more painful compared to other cosmetic surgery. The aim of the surgical procedure is to create a round, solid, and firm butt. The end result is almost instant as it can be seen right after the surgery.

Ideas About Buttock Implants SurgeryRisks For Buttock Implants Procedure

Buttock implants are just like any other cosmetic procedure that also comes with some risks and complications. Some of these risks include: excessive bleeding, infection, risk of scarring, post-surgery asymmetry, problems from anesthesia, and the possible need for additional surgery. It is very important to understand first the procedure as well as its possible effect on one’s health before deciding to undergo buttock augmentation or buttock implants procedure.