What To Expect With Hydrogel Injections

Hydrophilic Polycrylamide is a gel-like substance which is a combination of 2.5-5% polyacrylamide suspended in 95-97.5% apyrogenous water. Hydrogel is a type of smart material that swells when it reacts with water. This is the only injectable implant that remains soft just like the body’s own tissue once it has been injected. Hydrogel injections are very popular and is widely used most especially in the field of medicine today.

What To Expect With Hydrogel Injections

Hydrophilic Polycrylamide or Hydrogel

Hydrogels could best be described as artificial injectable body fillers which are the basic components used as replacements of tissues lost in any particular body part to increase the size of different areas such as the face and lips, upper buttocks, Middle buttocks, lower buttocks, and other Thighs. This means that they target loose muscles and sagging skin in order to make it firmer and healthier looking.

Many women are constantly looking for ways to look better, and while breast implants have been a popular thing in the past, butt augmentation is apparently the latest fad. It is trending today to get a rounded bottom without an invasive plastic surgery procedure.


Hydrogel injection procedures do not require lengthy periods of time. First thing you need to do is to consult your doctor regarding the areas to be treated. One day before the procedure special medication should be taken. If these medication aren’t taken the day before the procedure they have to be taken on the day of the procedure and every day for at least the next six following days.

What To Expect With Hydrogel InjectionsThe procedure starts by a surgeon marking the areas which need to be lifted. The areas are marked in the shape the patient requested size and shape. A small incision is then performed on the skin, through which a cannula is inserted. Cannula channels in the polyacrylamide solution to the muscles beneath the skin. Massages are periodically given to the injected areas so that the fillers would spread evenly to form the right shape. The patient is then wrapped in compression bandages to heal for roughly two days.

After the procedure, it is expected that the area around the injection appears red and swollen. The redness and swelling in the areas are just a result of the heavy massages which are given on the area of the injections so the hydrogel could spread evenly below the skin area. Swelling of the injected sites will decrease after 2 days.

Recovery doesn’t take long as well as the area will become even within 14 days after the procedure. Around this period of time you might notice stretch marks on the area of the injection which indicate a rapid size increase. Some areas may seem larger than others and , this is to be expected and will even out in about 2 weeks. The final result of the Hydrogen Injection are usually visible within the first month after the injection.

When the entire procedure is done, you should also take into consideration some important things like:

• Massage the areas as instructed by your doctor

• Take anti- inflammatory medicine prescribed by your doctor for the first four days

• Do not sit down for long periods. Take time to walk around especially in an air conditioned areas

• Avoid sleeping on your back 24 hours after the procedure instead, you can sleep on your side or on your stomach

• Do not put hot packs or ice on the area

• Avoid doing excessive exercise

• Avoid doing sex for the first 48 hours

• Do not take hot showers or cold baths

Understanding The Risk Of Hydrogel Injections

Hydrogel buttock injection is a procedure to get the butt size you want. Despite of its many benefits, it is unlicensed and illegal in the United States for several reasons. The hydrogel formulationsare cheaply made; non-inert substances; and sometimes carrying a risk of infection. This means that the thriving market for these butt-enhancing injections can be found either outside the US or in small-scale clinics. Some people even result to acquiring the Hydrogel themselves and resulting to self-injection which often led to serious complications and even conditions that prove to be life threatening.

What To Expect With Hydrogel Injections

Hydrogel Injections

Many people have been victims of fraudulence and malpractice by fake medical practitioners. It is always best to choose and consult a legitimate doctor to do the procedure. Weigh your options and seek feedback from people who have undergone the same procedures.

Injection cost price may vary depending on the procedure done and the amount of Hydrogel injected. Legitimate medical clinics and hospitals are always the safe places to get hydrogel injections. Never attempt to self-medicate or self-inject just to save money. Cosmetic surgery is not something that should be taken lightly. It is highly recommended that you seek out all the information you can before you even contact a surgeon.